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Garden WallScape: 6” Tall x 12” Wide x 8” Deep – 25 lbs.

Garden Wallscape

Unit pictured upside down to show the SecureLugs.

Garden WallScape makes it easy to create that perfect outdoor living space. It’s the perfect size to blend into any garden area. The multi-textured faces, unique look and variety of colors allow it to blend naturally into any surrounding landscape. Perfect for creating tree planters, terraced walls, and garden edging.


FrogStone: 6” Tall x 16” Wide x 12” Deep – 50 lbs


Unit pictured upside down to show the SecureLugs.

Frogstone lightweight units have a large hollow core, unique “SecureLug” connection, gravel infill and tapered sides. These features allow maximum flexibility, ease of installation and cost savings while maintaining high structural integrity for both gravity and geogrid reinforced walls.


Stoneledge™: 3 Units – 6” Tall x 6” 12” and 18” Wide x 10” Deep – 20-60 lbs.

StoneledgeStoneLedge™ is a double-sided, multi-sized, tapered unit system that possesses the hand finished look of quarried stone. It is ideal for creative residential or commercial projects ranging from the simple to the complex. Its ability to be used as both a retaining wall and a freestanding double-sided wall expands its flexibility exponentially.


CornerStone® 100: 8” Tall x 18” Wide x 12” Deep – 75 lbs.


Unit pictured upside down to show the SecureLugs.

The hollow core, CornerStone® 100 unit is our most popular and versatile retaining wall solution. CornerStone® 100 has been used to create a wide range of attractive, sound and environmentally friendly walls ranging from residential landscaping walls to large commercial projects.


MagnumStone™: 24” Tall x 48” Wide x 24” Deep – 1400 lbs.

MagnumstoneOur MagnumStone™ product is a large block, hollow core, wet-cast segmental retaining wall system that uses nearly half the amount of concrete per face foot when compared to traditional solid systems. The environmental and economical advantages of the pre-cast hollow block MagnumStone™ product are unprecedented in the retaining wall industry.

MagnumStone is also available in a vertical free standing version.

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