Our block are manufactured under the supervision of Certified Master Blockmaker Rick Rhodes. Rick was the first individual in the state and ninth worldwide to achieve this coveted title.

Master Blockmaker Richard Rhodes

Regular Block

Cinder and limestone block are available in a variety of useful shapes and sizes. Click on chart image for larger version.

Block Chart

Rules of Thumb

Block Brick

Square footage x 1.125 =
Number of Block

Length x .75 =
Block per Course

Height x 1.5 =
Number of Courses

Square Footage x 7 =
Modular Size Brick

Square Footage x 5.8 =
Oversize Brick

Modular Size Brick x .84 =
Oversize Brick

Sand & Mortar for Block Sand & Mortar for Block
Number of Block ÷ 40 =
Bags of Mortar

Number of Block ÷ 250 =
Tons of Sand

Number of Brick ÷ 125 =
Bags of Mortar

Number of Brick ÷ 1000 =
Tons of Sand

*All Rules of Thumb are Approximate*

Splitface Block

Our splitface block are available in various sizes as well as a large array of colors. Click on image for larger version.

Splitface Chart

Splitface Colors

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